Tips and Tricks for Using Gouache: Paper Fashion Collection

Hello everyone, it’s Zinia and I’m super excited to share with you my newest product obsession! You might have already heard, but there’s a brand new line of amazing art supplies designed by Katie Rogers (aka Paper Fashion). She is an absolutely amazing illustrator but I’m not gonna write a whole essay praising her unique talent (although I could totally fill pages).

One of my favorite products from her new line is the gouache paint, and it just so happens to be my favorite art medium of all time. I honestly can’t get enough of how lovely these products work and how amazing the color selection is.

I decided to use the Gouache Set 1 to create a loose floral illustration inspired by a mix of folk and abstract art pieces.

First, I created a color palette. The colors that come in this set are gorgeous on their own, but if you want your illustrations to really come to life you need to mix some darker, pastel and neutral shades on your own to compliment your brighter colors. 


It’s really easy to play with paint mixing. The secret is to limit yourself to a few tubes of color and only mix two color at a time (unless you are trying to create a more muted shade, in which case you can make a more complicated mix).


The colors I used were Red Bloom, Pink Rose, Lavender Sky, Sea Water Blue, Leaf Green and of course Dancing Clouds (white).

I started with some loose brush strokes in a bright red color to create my main flowers. Then I used a few shades of green to add some leaves coming in from the edges of the page.


Once those larger elements were in place, I just started filling the rest of the space with intuitive brush strokes and various marks in less dominant colors.

I let everything dry (it only takes a couple of minutes) and then I went back in with a small round brush and some white gouache to add details.

For a final touch of shimmer, I added a few details using the gorgeous liquid metal paint in Pale Gold.


Trust me, this new Paper Fashion collection is amazing. I hope I inspired you to experiment with some new mediums! 


PRODUCT LIST: Paper Fashion Collection; 349316 Paint Brush Set 1 – Round, 349310 Liquid Metal – Pale Gold, 349303 Gouache Paints – Set 1