New Homemade with Love!

Happy Wednesday! It’s Terhi Koskinen here, wearing my favorite apron and ready to show you what I have done with the most delicious and cute products from ‘Homemade with Love’ line.


As a confession I have to admit that in everyday life you can’t spy me often in the kitchen. Usually it is my husband who is making all the meals, but when baking is needed – I’m there! I just love to turn flour, sugar and butter into something special, and it is lovely to see how my pastries are appreciated.


This time I was asked to prepare dozens of cupcakes to my friend’s birthday party. She asked something girly, fresh and pretty, but not only hearts and pink. I used American Crafts new ‘Homemade with Love’ cupcake covers and it was a success!


One very special thing about these cupcake covers is that there are cute words written to the bottom of some of the cups! It’s a small thing, but makes the difference when making a table setting. If one of your cupcakes topple over in the oven, you can decorate as it is – turned to it’s side and still it looks good and cute as there’s that word in the bottom. Like it should be on its side!


In addition to the cupcakes, I also prepared some party favors to the guests. I bought sweets in matching colors and hide them inside the ‘Homemade with Love’ Treat Boxes. The boxes come in two different sizes, but I settled only to the smaller one.


The Treat boxes are perfect when taking some homemade goods to your loved ones! Think about delicious homemade cookies, how wonderful would they look in these sweet little boxes.

Cupcakes_6jpgHopefully you are ready to go and bake your own cupcakes! And remember my tip about giving some cupcakes as a souvenir.


Thank you for stopping by today here at American Crafts blog!

Terhi xx


Products used: Homemade with Love products