How to Make an Insanely Simple Holiday Wreath


Paper Ornaments 201219-1

Hi American Crafts Fans! It's Terhi here with the easiest and quickest Holiday craft you’ve ever seen. Yet, it’s very pretty and will give you fresh vibes from the snowy winter wonderland I live in!

Paper Ornaments 201219-2

Every year during December I have created a wreath for our front door. For the last couple of years my daughters have been helping me! This year we almost forgot while we were busy with the re-construction of our home and moving houses. Fortunately, we were able to keep the tradition alive this year!

Paper Ornaments 201219-3

To keep the creation process simple, I started with a black metal hoop and wrapped thin golden thread around it. Then, as I live close to evergreen forests, I took couple of spruce branches which I attached to the hoop. With these two steps the base was ready.

Paper Ornaments 201219-4

As I love green, I decided to carry on with a monochromatic color scheme. I created three paper ornaments with the 1Canoe2 Willow patterned papers. The ornaments are sized 1.5”, so you can create beautiful paper decorations using even the smallest leftovers from larger projects.

Paper Ornaments 201219-5

I made sure that everything was attached with glue and knots so that nothing would blow away in the wind. But if you're going to keep your wreath inside, this won't be as important. 

Paper Ornaments 201219-6

I hope that this quick wreath will inspire you! Please have a great end of 2019 wherever you are and how ever you’re celebrating!


Products used:

American Crafts Willow Patterned Deep Breath (356073), Ambrose Blooms (356072), Rest Easy (356077), Willow Enamel Dots (356088), Willow Stickers Sheet (356083), Willow Mixed Embellishments (356091), Sticky Thumb Express Glue (351655).