How to Create Custom Postcards

Hello everyone, it’s Zinia here and welcome back to the American Crafts blog! Today I’d like talk to you about postcards.

Most of you are familiar with cards but some might not be fully familiar with postcards. The difference between the two is that cards are put inside and envelope in order to send them via mail and postcards are sent as is. Basically a postcard is a standard size piece of paper that usually has a photo on one side and some space for a short message and the address of the recipient on the other.

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These are especially popular for people that are travelling. They can easily get a postcard with some iconic area of the places they visit and send it to friends of family.

Zinia Redo-AC-Creating&SendingCustomPostcards

Although I’m not much of a traveler myself, the idea and look of postcards was always very appealing to me so today I’ll show you how I created a couple of “faux” postcards using the gorgeous “She’s Magic” collection by Dear Lizzy.

Zinia Redo-AC-Creating&SendingCustomPostcards-2

My first step was to pick pattern paper that is interesting enough on one side but simple on the other. I especially picked papers that had some kind of notebook lines design. Most of the papers I picked didn’t have the ideal design on both sides so when it was needed I stuck two pieces of paper together so both sides looked good.

Zinia Redo-AC-Creating&SendingCustomPostcards-5

Now usually postcards have a spot for a stamp and a return address so I used the clear stamp set from the collection to stamp the coupon image and create the impression of a postal stamp. To add interesting designs to the stamps on each postcard I added more decorative images from the same stamp set.

Zinia Redo-AC-Creating&SendingCustomPostcards-6

I used the Vicki Boutin color wheel inks for my stamping cause they are really rich and vibrant. Also, they have a nice amount of opacity that allowed me to layer images on top of darker areas.

Zinia Redo-AC-Creating&SendingCustomPostcards-7

To stay true to actual postcards I didn’t want to add anything dimensional on my cards so I simply added a tiny phrase sticker on each card for decoration.

I also used some Kelly Creates small brush pens to handwrite the title for the delivery address areas.

Zinia Redo-AC-Creating&SendingCustomPostcards-8

Now if you want to create these postcards and actually send them to someone you can skip the stamping part and just use a normal postal stamp, add your message and address and you are ready. However I decided to use these as little encouragement messages to my friends so I snuck them into some cookie boxes.


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