Design Team Spotlights: Fanni Mayo


We're excited to introduce Fanni Mayo! We asked her a few questions and you can read her answers below! 

What is your favorite AC collection?

I really like the colorful collections so my favorite collection of the moment is Slice of Life by Amy Tangerine, and I love Merry Little Christmas from Pebbles.

What/who started you crafting?

I started in the world of crafts since I was a child, I have been through the fabric, embroidery until I arrived 7 years ago to scrapbooking, everything that is artistic makes me fall in love and makes me very happy to make different types of projects combining techniques.

Currently the world of crafts is my day to day since I create diverse projects to brighten up the parties in the place where I live.

What is your favorite type of project to create?

My favorite projects to create are mainly everything that converts the plane of the paper into a 2d figure and up to 3d, I could say that my heart is divided between making boxes and cards using not only paper but also combining materials to achieve various results.