Craft Room Tour with Jana

Hi, Everyone! Jana Eubank here today with a tour of my favorite room in my house, my scrapbook room.

Jana Eubank Scrapbook Room 1 800
When we built our home ten years ago, we ended up with an odd-shaped, small bedroom on the 2nd floor of our home. It was meant to be a guest room with a walk-in closet and small bathroom, but since we don't entertain many guests, I was happy to claim it for my scrapbook space with all of its west-facing sunlight.
Jana Eubank Scrapbook Room 2 800
When you first walk into the room, you walk in front of my main work area with an L-shaped desk. I really like that my computer, sewing machine, electronic die cutting machine, and work space are all connected so that I can swing myself around to each space in my swivel chair and do what I need to do. 
The drawers and cabinets around this space house my most-used supplies, tools, and printers neatly tucked away. This is perfect for me since I am easily overwhelmed by a lot of visual clutter.
Jana Eubank Scrapbook Room 7 800
The drawers behind my desk house my punches, embellishments, journal blocks, etc. These are the items that I reach for most often while adding the finishing touches to the projects I create, so I like keeping them closest to my work space.
Jana Eubank Scrapbook Room 3 800
Just off the corner of the main work area, you will find a space that was initially intended as a walk-in closet for this room. Here we added floor-to-ceiling cabinets with roll out shelves to house all of my 12×12 patterned paper and cardstock. We also added an additional work surface that allows me to pull out my manual die cutting machines for use on projects.
Jana Eubank Scrapbook Room 8 800
Above the roll-out shelves are more cabinets. This is where I store my American Crafts supplies, other collection, letter stickers organized by color, and supplies and tools that I reach for on an occastional basis. I put everything in Iris snap-close cases. I love that I am able to group like items together in these cases and then stack them horizontally or vertically without worrying about items falling out.
Jana Eubank Scrapbook Room 4 800
Looking back into my room from the closet space you can see the area I face while working on my desk. This area was originally intended to be a small bathroom on our plan. We omitted the wall and added more cabinetry, another work surface, and a small clean-up sink. These cabinets house all of my "messy" supplies like stamps, ink pads, acrylic blocks, paint, glitter, etc. 
I hope you enjoyed this quick peek into my scrapbook space. It's definitely my favorite place to spend time. And YOU are welcome to come on over and join me anytime!
Happy Scrapping!