A Simple Trick to Add Dimension to Your Layouts

Hey all American Crafts Fans! It’s Terhi here and I’m super excited to share this scrapbook layout with you. Usually it takes about an hour for me to make a layout, but this one was something else. Let me tell you all about it!


Since I saw the Saturday Afternoon collection reveal online, I immediately imagined how I would use the beautiful hexagon paper with rainbow colors.

My idea was to make this page as layered as possible with lots of added hand stitching to it. To put my thoughts into action, I started by cutting a large hexagon shaped hole in a sheet of white card stock. Next, I started cutting the small, colorful hexagons out of the patterned paper.


With the help of washi tape, I attached the white card stock with the hexagon hole to a new sheet of white card stock. Then, I attached the small colored hexagons in a pretty pattern around the large hole. I took care to gently cut the hexagons hanging over the edge of the hole. 


Then started the most time-consuming part: hand stitching around each of the tiny hexagons. I was a bit afraid that the hand stitching would be boring, but it was the most relaxing thing ever! I just stitched and enjoyed couple of movies, real therapy between busy everyday life.


As soon as I was finished with the hand stitching, I used thick foam dots to attach the two white card stocks with many different colored hexagons together, matching carefully the line of the large hexagon hole I cut to the other much earlier.


The rest of the creating process was simple. Just a photograph and a couple of embellishments around, between, and on top the hexagons! That's all!



I loved challenging myself with a different scrapbooking project, and I hope you’ll be inspired to do the same.                                                                                                                      



Products used: Saturday Afternoon collection: Patterned papers Afternoon Clips (351110), Rainbows and Ice-Cream (351120), Afternoon Roses (351145), Double Tulips (351149); Thickers (351153), Cardstock Stickers (351154), Layered Stickers (351155), Ephemera (351158). American Crafts Cardstock White (71259), Sticky Thumb Dots (340272), Sticky Thumb Runner (342039).