6 Tips for Creating a Cute yet Productive Planner

Hi there, everyone! It’s Terhi Koskinen here with you today, sharing inspiration with the brand new Colorfun Planner designed by the darling Damask Love.

I could easily spend an hour just admiring the Colorfun Planner products and praise how inspiring and genius Damask Love is. However, I will focus on sharing my inner planner freak and tell you my ideas of how to make your planner a bit more colorful and fun.

I have six wonderful tips to share, so let’s start!


Colorfun Planner 080420-1

1. Colored Gel Pens and Flamingo Pen

Writing a weekly spread with only one pen is of course quick, but to make your visual look more effective I recommend mixing different colored pens. Here in my sample spread, I wrote almost everything with the Flamingo Pen and its black ink, but the main things during the week are listed with the Colorfun Planner Gel Pens. This way I can easily see which are my main agendas during the week.

Colorfun Planner 080420-2

2. Personalize it

Planners are just as important for adults as diaries are for children and teenagers. That’s why I like to make my planner reflect me! To make sure everyone in our family knows which lovely book is mine, I decided on altering the cover. That’s super easy with Colorfun Planner Pink You Can Do It planner, as it has three separate cover options which can be added underneath a plastic on the cover. I adhered my photo to the middle of the cover, and I think it looks good now! My face will warn everyone off, but surely just a kind reminder to stay away would work just as well. 

Colorfun Planner 080420-3

3. Creative use of Washi Tape

As said in the first point, I like highlighting different important things. Washi tape comes in handy with this idea, as there are so many gorgeous tape prints in this collection. There are also three different tape runners available.

For this spread I framed one day with glitter washi tape. Friday was definitely my favorite day during this week, as it was my day off and scheduled for paper crafts and scrapbooking!

Colorfun Planner 080420-5

4. Include Patterned Paper

The collection is full of lovely embellishments, but why not to add your favorite patterned paper to your planner spread. I decided on fussy cutting very small blooms from Girl Power paper collection and adhered some here and there on the spread to decorate the week.

Colorfun Planner 080420-6

5. Watercolors

Another exciting and very effective way to highlight and separate different chores and tasks is with watercolor. And you don’t even have to be a talented watercolor artist to use the colors like this!

All my school and work schedules are highlighted with green, all exercises with pink, housework with yellow and finally scrapbooking with blue.

Colorfun Planner 080420-6

6. Mix embellishments

There isn’t a right and wrong use of embellishment. One sticker is totally fine. But if you want to take your decoration to the next level, try a layering technique even with your planner.

As planners are thick and heavy, you have two great options to make the layering easily. The first is to use only flat materials for layering. In my example, you can see washi tape and stickers on top of each other, and then drops of watercolors close to them. All flat, and it doesn’t take much time to do.

My second idea is to take a couple of months away from the planner to wait their time. Colorfun Planners as well as many other has spread for full twelve months, but who says you have to carry them around. You can just as well take couple months off and enjoy thinner planner – which you can fill with embellishments layered on top of each other.

I always thought I was boring and would use only electronic planners and calendars, but here I am totally addicted to this hobby! I hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you happy crafty ventures!


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