4 Genius Planner Tips Every Planner Enthusiast Should Know

Hello crafty friends, it’s Lucile! Today, we are talking all things planners! When I heard that they were launching a range of planner products, I was very excited. I love planners and organization, so naturally I jumped for joy! So, I present to you my new favorite planner.


Today, I will give you a few of my best tips to organize and decorate your planner. With this, you will become organizing professionals! One of the most important pages in a planner is the monthly view.  The monthly view is an essential tool because it gives you a quick snapshot of your entire month. It is a perfect visualization tool that will allow you to organize yourself and know quickly when you have time available.

Step One: Write down all of your events and commitments for the month into the calendar. 


Step Two: Decorate your monthly page.

If you have time, I advise you to decorate your monthly view. It will make you want to open your planner and follow your plans. Have your favorite stickers out and be creative. Be careful not to put too much on it because if your page is too busy, it will be hard to focus. I started by writing down the name of the month and then chose a washi tape with the days of the week. This allows me to add color to my monthly page.


Step Three: Have a color coding system

I used washi tape to signify any vacations or trips I will be taking. I also use a color coding system to keep track of my important tasks. I use light pink for when I work at school, dark pink when I’m in class, and blue on vacation. I used the alphabet stickers because they have the perfect colors.


Step Four: Highlight what is most important.

I use “remember” stickers next to important events. My eye is automatically drawn to stickers, so it helps me to remember things. Plus, stickers are so cute! You can also note your main objectives on your monthly view. This allows you to view them all the time and stay focused on your objectives.


I hope you enjoyed this article and that you are motivated to start your new planner! Now is the perfect time to start with all this extra time at home! 

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