3 Ways to Use Gift Tags

Hello Everyone!

It’s Terhi here, inspiring you with three different gift tag ideas. Surely gift tags are fun with only two separate names on top, but I want to show how you can easily add a perfect WOW factor to go with your next present. I’ll also give you a tip about what to do with all the gift tags you have received. 


1. Repurpose Old Gift Tags- Repurpose old gift tags by creating a gift tag garland! I quickly created a bunch of gift tags using the slice of life collection, a fussy cut flower, and a sticker or two. I used twine to hang the gift tags together. This would look so cute hung on a mantle or a wall! I think it would look especially cute with Christmas gift tags. Now I want to create a Halloween one for our upcoming party.


2. Gift Tag Boxes- One idea for adding a personal touch to your gift tags is to give the gift tag alone, as a present. Gift cards are popular, but how about a gift tag?


I folded some cardstock into a small box which I attached onto the gift tag. You could add sweets or even jewelry inside the box. I’m 100% sure this would be remembered after years and years.


3. Incorporate the Season- How about bringing the ongoing season to your gift tag? I used a beautiful maple leaf as a base for the card, and then decorated it with only couple ephemera pieces from Slice of Life collection.

I added a small note to go with the gift. Cookies are always a perfect gift for a friend. The note I wrote will make the small present more personal.


To make this kind of gift tag head to the nearest park or forest, grab a leaf or two and breath some fresh fall air! My absolute favorite entertainment is playing with paper, but walking outside is a very close second. Pro tip: Flatten and dry your leaf under a book or other heavy object for a day or two. Even a couple hours will straighten the leaf enough for you to craft with!


Hopefully you are as inspired as I am! It has been wonderful to share my three ideas with you. I hope you’ll have tons of fun creating your gift tag crafts! Happy Crafting! 


Products used: American Crafts Slice of Life Patterned Papers Sprinkle Confetti (354134), The Universe (354139), Flower Power (354145), and Rainbow Hall (354146), Full Bloom (354150), Pink Lemonade (354154), Slice of Life Ephemera (354160), Slice of Life Sticker Book (354168), Slice of Life Cardstock Stickers (355781), American Crafts Cardstock White (71259), Sticky Thumb Dots (340272), Sticky Thumb Runner (342039), WRMK Baker’s Twine Green (661449) and Gold (661434).