Working with Journal Studio

Hello, I find you in a new article to talk about the Journal Studio collection. I couldn’t wait to use this collection! I don’t know if you know it but I’m a big fan of organization, planning and especially traveler's journals! I love the travelers size, it's perfect to take anywhere in our bag, so I decided to transfer my bulletin this travelers. For those who would like to get into a journaling, I'll introduce page ideas to start.


The first page idea is called the future log. This is a very famous page in the Traveler's Journal system because it’s very useful for getting organized. This allows you to project yourself in the long term and to record all your appointments and projects. For my part, I never do it over a year, I prefer to do it for 5 or 6 months maximum. The advantage of the Journal Studio collection is that everything is ready to use to decorate and organize your Journal. I loved to paste the small calendar of all colors, I find them too cute!

The second page and probably my favorite is to note all your memories. You can make this page a month or a year. I decided to make a page with my fondest memories of 2018. This page allows you to write down all your anecdotes, to paste your photos to find your memories at all times. This isn’t a page of organization but a very nice page to review at the end of the year. During the year, you can add things to this page.


For the realization, I used a double page. I stuck in the center a sticker with the different months of the year. Then I organized all my photos and memories. I added color, stickers and washi tape. It’s a very colorful page with lots of nice memories.


One of my passion is gardening. I have lots of plants at home and I have a little soup. It's hard to remember all the names of the plants, when they need to be watered or planted. This page is super practical, it allows to note all the information on our plants. In addition, in the Journal Studio collection, we find lots of stickers to decorate this page. You can also add photos of your plants. 


The last page I wanted to show you is a wish list page. I love this page because it allows us to think about our dreams, what we would like to buy (it's also great to note gift ideas we would like to have). I advise you to make this page when you start your Bullet Journal and reread it a few months later. To decorate my page I used alphabets, stickers and die cuts. Once again, I stayed in very colorful tones. I find that decorating our pages is more motivating and enjoyable to read.

I hope you enjoyed my ideas and I hope it makes you want to start playing with Journal Studio! See you soon!