The Simple Guide to Handmade Wall Decor with Tehri

Hello American Crafts Fans! Terhi here to share some handmade home décor and announce that it is now officially spring! Or maybe it was just spring in my head while I played with the Details 2 Enjoy Pocket Frames for the first time.


For a very long time I have been avoiding strong and bright colors in my home decorations, but now I can’t wait use all the colors of the rainbow! The more beautiful colors, the better. As soon as I received my box of Details 2 Enjoy products, I knew the wooden color would have to step away and let the paint brushes do their magic.


The Pocket Frames I used are sized 6”x5”, which is a perfect size for bringing a pop of color into your home. I used masking tape to space out the color stripes around the border of the frame. Then I picked out my three favorite colors and got to painting! I painted the color stripes using Vicki Boutin Acrylic Paints. Once the first colors were completely dry, I used masking tape and painted the rest of the spaces, making sure that the same colors were not next to each other.


The Pocket Frame collection includes a variety of absolutely adorable inserts, and I picked mine from the 6”x6” Background Pad. There are so many beautiful colors and patterns! From multi-colored wood patterns to shiny foil effects and  burlap, there’s something for all. I decided to use this delicate light grey for background paper. It matches perfectly with the heart I used.


The Heart Wreath set includes one white shiplap insert, a heart shape, and a set of felt blooms and leaves. I also used the word "home" from the home wreath set. 

One thing I absolutely love about the pocket frames is how easy they are! All the accessories can be attached pretty easily. Normal glue works well, and you could even use double-sided tape for some lighter parts if you wanted. I used hot glue to avoid having to wait for things to dry. I was just too darn excited to hang it up on my wall as soon as I was finished with it!


I’m so happy with this piece that you’ll probably find me painting another set pretty soon! I have this blue one now, and I think yellow and pink would look wonderful next to this.

Also, the process of creating this frame was so easy (and fun!) that I’d love to take this handmade piece of love as a gift to friends and family.


Have a wonderful week and thank you for stopping by here at the American Crafts blog!

Terhi xx


Products used: American Crafts – Details 2 Enjoy: Pocket Frames 6”x5,5” (343484), Felt Flowers – Style 1 (348134), Background Pad 6”x6” (348136), Heart Wreath (351320) Home Wreath (348122). American Crafts – Sticky Thumb: Hot Glue Gun (340278), Mini Glue Sticks (340280). American Crafts – All The Good Things Mediums: Acrylic Color Pop Paint – Set 3 (343906).