The Easiest Way to Spice Up Your Walls with Zinia!

Hello everyone! It’s Zinia here! I'm so excited to talk to you about the brand new Details 2 Enjoy frames by American Crafts. Basically, it was love at first sight. They are DIY made easy! I’m always excited to create DIY home décor pieces for my craft room and the rest of the house, but I always delay it because it can get very time consuming and overwhelming considering the vast options out there.

The D2E frames totally take the guesswork and research out of the equation with the adorable kits and accessories that they offer.

So here I’ll share with you two variations. The first one is for those of you that want a super easy solution without much trouble. I used a plain 6×5.5 frame (I really love the color of the natural wood) and I simply decorated with the premade Ampersand kit. I slightly tweaked the kit, by adding different felt flowers just because I really loved the leaves from the extra flower set. Isn't it pretty?!

In the second frame I created, I customized things further. With just a few extra steps, I was able to transform my frame into a personalized piece of unique home décor. I used an 8×10 frame and painted it with a gorgeous pink shade of acrylic paint by Vicki Boutin. I used a couple of coats of paint to achieve the desired vibrancy and coverage.

Next, I used the reversible insert to add an interesting backdrop to my frame. I used a heart piece that came in the Heart Wreath accessory kit and added the wooden word on top of it. The last step was to add some cute felt flowers around the heart to decorate it.

I really love the look of both frames but what makes them even better is when they are sitting together. They complement each other beautifully.

So that’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed this post and you got inspired to customize your own frames and make your space even more beautiful. Until next time, happy crafting.

PRODUCT LIST: 351316 Laser Cut Words – Home, 348135 Felt Embellishments, 348134 Felt Embellishments, 351320 Do It Yourself Heart Wreath Kit, 348119 Do It Yourself – Ampersand Kit, 343484 6×5.5 – Do It Yourself Pocket Frame, 343483 8×10 – Do It Yourself Pocket Frame, 348131 8×10 Reversible Insert, 343906 Vicki Boutin Acrylic Paints