Jane Davenport: Mermaid from a Rub-on!

I adore mermaids! I know when they start swimming into my journals that I am feeling at peace and happy. In this tutorial I started with one of my Rub – ons and the mermie grew from there.
So I have created two videos for you. One gives a speed through of the whole project:

The second is for the keen who want to know HOW and WHY and with WHAT:

I hope you enjoy sitting on my shoulder as I create. If you want to see more of my collection and ideas on how to use everything, you can join the free workshop I created to celebrate the launch of my first art supply collection.
I used these items from the Jane davenport Mixed Media Collection:
JDMM Neutrals Rub On
JDMM Base Kit ( Gessoh)
JDMM Hardbound Art Journal 9×6 Girl
JDMM INKredible Pen
JDMM Paint Over Pens ( Mermaid, Unicorn)
JDMM Washi Paint Phrases set
Jane Davenport - AC Mermie-1
Jane Davenport - AC Mermie-2
Jane Davenport - AC Mermie-3
Jane Davenport - AC Mermie-4