How to Use Acrylic Paint While Journaling

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Hey American Crafts Fans! It’s Terhi here to give you some tips on starting a gratitude journal. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it's a perfect time start one! Here in Finland, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. But I still like to write down things I'm grateful for on a daily basis. American Crafts Journal Studio products make all kinds of journaling easy. First, I wanted to focus on the cover of my journal insert. 

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I am obsessed with the Art Supply Basics from American Crafts. There are dozens of beautiful colors in Art Basics Acrylic Paints and I wanted to see those colors again and again. As my gratitude journal follows me any where I go, why not to paint the cover of the journal insert. To make the paint layer thick and opaque I painted it twice. Acrylic paints are very quick to dry, so the painting process was over in about one hour. Next, it was time to write the daily journaling. 

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I’m a list person, so creating lists about what I’m grateful about isn’t surprising. I try to write every day at least three things I’m grateful for. I've challenged myself to write some of the days differently.

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The page on the left is the kind of traditional list most my writings are. To add visual interest, I wrote each item with different colors and added some stickers here and there.

The page on the right side is a story-like explanation of the things that made me grateful that day. I have written daily diary entries in the past, so it was like going back to my teenage years. In a good way!

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Writing a long story by hand is fun and very therapeutic. My story continued all way down to the third page, but yours can be any length you want! Long stories are wonderful to read after years, and I’m pretty sure my wrist will get stronger and stronger every day.

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Thank you for visiting us today, I hope you’ve found some inspiration you were looking for.

Keep on painting and writing,


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Products used: American Crafts Journal Studio: Journal Kit (314437), Journal Inserts (349446), Stickerbook (349362), Paper Clips (349452), Ephemera (349449), Mini Puffy Stickers (349453), Art Basics Acrylic Paints (356063), Palette (354855), Dual Tip Pens (356053), Watercolor Brushes (354837), Sticky Thumb Dots (340272), Sticky Thumb Runner (342039).