Organization: How to Never Waste Scrap Card Stock Again

Hello crafty friends! Today, I will be talking to you about how I store my crafting supplies in a small craft room. Because my scrapbooking room is small, I'm always looking for new storage ideas. Today, I will be talking specifically about paper storage! I had gone through so many organization systems before arriving at the one I have today. In my craft room, I mainly have Ikea furniture and especially Kalax. I recently found papers storage that fit on it and they are perfect for scrapbook papers.


I created storage bins to protect and organize my paper. It's very simple to make (and its cheap)! You just have to create a drawer at the size of your papers and slide it in your furniture. I advise you to use thick paper and put a cardboard at the bottom of the drawer so that it’s very solid. Then you can decorate it with your papers. These drawers are super practical! I made a hole on the top with a hole punch so I could pull them out easily. I also store my scrap papers with the other paper, I find I use it all up that way!


I do not know about you, but every time I use paper, I end up with scraps. Creating my own storage was the solution to that. I had the idea to create pockets! For that, I used my 1 2 3 punch board from We R Memory Keepers and I made some envelopes. I cut the tops off because I wanted to be able to quickly see what was inside.


Then I put all my pockets in my storage and labeled them with the name of the collection inside the pockets to find them easily. I love this organization system because I don't waste any paper and it's very convenient!


Thanks for reading about my tips and tricks for organizing paper and paper scraps. I hope you enjoyed these ideas! How do you store your scrapbooking papers? Leave a comment below!