How to Make a Hanging Planter for Your Spring Plants

Hello American Crafts Friends, It’s Terhi here today! Some say that Friday the thirteenth is scary and unwelcome, but I prefer thinking it’s a lucky day. The sun is shining, spring is coming, and birds are singing! So, who says it has to be an unlucky day? To welcome spring to our home I created a small vase in the style of a woven basket with a glass jar inside. Let's get started. 


My husband found the glass jar in his Granny's attic. She was a big collector and used glass jars to store all of her treasures. This glass jar wasn’t designed to be a jar, but instead the glass was a cover to light bulb. It was used in the kind of lamp you might have seen lighting the streets back in the 60’s.


I adore mixing old and new, so this glass got a new life as a vase for flowers. It sure needed some refreshing, so what could be better than using pretty papers from Shimelle’s Never Grow Up line?

Creating a home décor piece can be tricky if you're worried about getting the perfect result. But if you loosen your limits a bit and focus more on the creative part, I promise you that you'll have tons of fun and be happier with the result, too! 


As you can see, the vase can be a centerpiece on a table, or it can hang from somewhere! Hanging baskets are very trendy now, so I mixed it with paper crafting for a fun little twist. 


Before grabbing scissors, there are two things to consider and avoid when using paper for hanging flowers.

First, think about the weight. The glass jar itself weighs quite a bit and if you add flowers and water, it will be quite heavy.

Second, the water. If you’re a lover of blooms and greenery like I am, you’ll want to have flowers in every available jar and pot you can possibly find. We all know that paper and water don't mix, but I’d like to tell you how I solved this problem. The key is to add the flowers, place the piece of art to where you want it to be, and then use the smallest watering can or similar tool to add the water. And use the smallest amount of water possible!


With these simple tips, your hanging vase will be a huge success! I’d love to see your creations, so please share them on social media using #americancrafts! Happy crafting!


Products used: Never Grow Up Patterned Papers Fly Free (356155), Spring Awakening (356158), Flutter by (356162), Flower Meadow (356166), Dreams Come True (356170), Never Grow Up Embellishments with Foil Accents (356190), Never Grow Up Floral Ephemera (356183), Never Grow Up Phrase Thickers (356180), Never Grow Up Alpha Foam Thickers (356179), American Crafts Cardstock White (71259), Sticky Thumb Dots (340272), Sticky Thumb Runner (342039).