How to Create a Paper Bowl

Hello everyone! It’s Zinia here and today I have a really fun and simple DIY project to share with you. I generally love making little crafty projects to decorate my space and make it more inspiring. The best part is when those projects are useful as they are beautiful.

So here I have a lovely paper bowl that’s perfect to store your favorite embellishments.


The first thing you want to do is find an actual bowl to use as a guide. Don’t worry we won’t damage the bowl so don’t be afraid to borrow your kitchen equipment. To make sure our bowl is safe, we need to protect it with some clear cling film.

Our DIY bowl is entirely made out of paper so to prepare our materials, we need to punch out a bunch of circles from a variety of pattern paper. For my bowl I picked some gorgeous patterns from Amy Tangerine’s latest collection Shine On.


To start building our DIY bowl we need some glue to keep our circles together. There are many different alternatives for that but my favorite is the Vicki Boutin matte gel medium. It has a super smooth application and it dries to a beautiful matte finish protecting the paper pieces without covering the beautiful patterns.

I like using a log of gel on the cling film and on top of the paper circles, covering the whole area multiple times. The more layers of glue you add the sturdier your bowl will be in the end.


You want to leave it to dry overnight (or maybe two nights depending now how much glue you added). Once everything is completely dry you can carefully remove the paper bowl from your bowl guide. This stage can get a bit tricky depending on the material of your bowl. If it’s plastic, you should be ok but if your bowl is glass the cling film will stick to it firmly and it will take some extra effort to pull them apart. Just be patient and move slowly so you won’t damage your DIY paper bowl.

If you have any extra bits of dry glue hanging from the edges just cut them out with a pair of scissors and your bowl is ready!


Fill it with your favorite embellishments and keep them near your workspace for easy access.

I really hope you enjoyed this little DIY décor craft and you are excited to create your own little paper bowls. Until next time, happy crafting!


Product List: 98329 1.5" PAPER PUNCH Circle, Amy Tangerine Shine On 12×12 Pattern Paper: In Full Bloom, Three Sides, Flourish, Even Out, Remember, Ambitious, Happiness, 343916 MATTE ACRYLIC GEL