Halloween Decor with Color Pour

Hello! It’s Meghann Andrew with you today! The month of October is here, which means that it’s time to get costumes prepared and Halloween décor up! I’ve been seeing so many amazing Color Pour projects from my fellow AC design team members, and thought that this amazing DIY artwork product would be a perfect way to create my own custom art for my spooky Halloween mantel.


My biggest challenge was finding a way to get my jack-o-lantern face on the 8” x 10” canvas—then I remembered the American Crafts vinyl! I headed to the Silhouette design store and found the adorable set of four jack-o-lanterns, and ungrouped them so that I only had the faces to cut out onto yellow vinyl.


Once my faces were cut out and transferred to the canvases with vinyl transfer tape, I started following the instructions on the awesome Color Pour starter kit. This amazing kit has everything that I needed to add paint to my project, and it came with a canvas! Orange was not included in the kit, but it was simple to make with yellow and red, and a bit of white to lighten it up. I added 3-4 drops of cell magic to each color—gold, orange and black—and then combined them all in the same cup, placing gold first, then orange, and finally black.

Now it was time for the fun part—pouring the color onto my canvas! I made sure that my vinyl was pressed against the canvas before I started pouring the paint onto my canvas, over the top of the vinyl resist.


To cover my canvas fully, I had to mix a bit more paint before I completed the design. Once I was done pouring, I allowed it to sit for about an hour and a half before I grabbed a craft knife to pull up the vinyl below the paint. It was easy to see the line of the vinyl below the paint surface, so I carefully wedged the blade underneath that line, and slowly pulled up the vinyl at the jack-o-lanterns eyes, nose and mouth. Because the vinyl didn’t stick all the way to the canvas, there was a tiny bit of paint bleed, but I love the effect it gives for this spooky Halloween art!


After my vinyl was removed from the canvas, and while the paint was still wet, I added the fun gold foil flake embellishments and silver star glitter in three corners. I love the sparkle and shine this adds to the piece, and it was the perfect way to finish it off!


Be sure to grab the Color Pour starter kit to be on your way to your own spooky, custom Halloween décor art


Supplies | Color Pour Collection: Color Pour starter kit (348493), pour art foil flakes (348490), glitter pouring paint mix-in kit (348485); Vinyl collection: yellow adhesive vinyl (379531), vinyl transfer tape (379535); Silhouette cut files: Jack-o-lanterns (Design ID #48935)