Getting Creative with Planners

Hello everyone it’s Zinia here and this week on the blog is dedicated to planners!

Whether you are an obsessed planner girl or you just jot down your appointments on a wall calendar we all need a little bit of organization in our life. And since we are creative people it’s only natural to reflect that creativity in our planner. I keep trying different planning system and layouts to decide what I’ll use for 2018 and I was so pleasantly surprised to realize that the new American Crafts planners are perfect for my needs.

For me it is really important to have a really simple design that gives me the extra space to add my own decorations. I also need a nice and spacious monthly calendar cause that’s what I use the most.


Although I love adding color to my planner, I try not to overdecorate. The main focus should always be the planning itself so I avoid distracting elements. That being said I always like adding fun little elements at the margins to personalize every spread. For my January calendar, I decided to use the gorgeous Creative Devotion rub-ons and clear stickers to highlight the some areas. Because these products are translucent, they allow the text to peek through.


I also used a mix of Sweater Weather and Stargazer stickers to create a festive scene at the bottom of my spread.


Since January is not here yet and I don’t have a lot of confirmed assignments, instead of writing things down on the planner, I used the colorful Creative Devotion sticky flags. This way I can move them around until there’s a set day for them.


Now here’s the thing, I don’t usually have a daily to do list or any sort of daily planning to be more accurate. So I decided to tweak my weekly pages to fit my needs. Although I don’t plan on daily basis, I still keep all sorts of notes and information in my planner and the weekly layout is perfect for that.


I used banner stickers from the new American Crafts 30-page sticker books to cover the days of the week and re-label each section. This way I can keep any information I want and still have a weekly to-do list on the side if I need it.


I also like attaching pieces of paper in my planner using washi tape. I do that for lists that are not relevant to a specific week or month. Once the days pass, I can move my list to the next spread without writing everything all over again.


I really hope you got some ideas and inspiration on how to setup and use your American Crafts planners. Until next time, happy planning! 😀


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