Document Your Outdoor Adventures


Let’s take a look at the brand new Creekside collection! I love the campout icons and patterns in this release. I combined these with a favorite camping photo to create a layout with a heavy focus on pattern and color.


To create this layered look choose a handful of small and large scaled patterns. Layering contrasting patterns gives this design an eclectic, fun look. Alternate shapes and die cuts to create a layered frame.


Use the Thicker alphabet stickers to create a compact title by stacking letters instead of placing them on a horizontal line. The addition of a few shaped stickers in fun stamp shapes gives this area of the design a punch of color and theme.


To spice up the very plain journaling block, add a sprinkle of enamel plus signs for color and texture. Adding them in a diagonal formation breaks up all of the straight lines in the design. The Creekside collection is perfect for capturing all of the great outdoor stories. Try your hand at a layered frame design to frame out a favorite photo (or two)!


SUPPLIES: Creekside (320676) Cardstock Stickers, (320686) Roller Stamp, (320684) Washi Tape Rolls, (320682) Rub Ons, (320679) Die Cuts, (320675) Enamel Crosses