DIY: Display Your Holiday Cards

Hello everyone and welcome back to the American Crafts blog. It’s Zinia here and today I’ll show you a fun DIY holiday project I created to house all the beautiful cards I’ll receive this month.

In my project, I used a letterboard as my base but there are many alternatives you can use instead. An empty frame, a corkboard or just a simple piece of wood can do the job.


The first step is to wrap some string or twine around your base. Depending on the material you are using you may need to secure the string at the back with some tape to make sure it won’t slide. Try to tie it as tight as you can so they weight of the cards and embellishments won’t pull it down.


Now comes the fun part, decorating! Since I’m using a letterboard I just added some letters at the top but you can also use your favorite thickers or even cut your own letters with the Mini Alphabet punch board by WeR Memory Keepers.


You can attach your cards and embellishments on the strings in many different ways. Wooden clothes pins, paper clips, binder clips, anything will do. I couldn’t decide on one thing so I used everything to have some more variety.


The bigger binder clips are perfect for heavier elements such as the actual cards cause they have a strong grip.

You can use any elements to decorate your card display board. I chose to use some of my favorite Sweater Weather ephemera cause they have the most adorable holiday/winter designs ever!


To make the display look full I added some of my favorite 3×4 cards from the same collection to go in between the cards. I think that they make the whole project look even more festive and fun.

It may look a bit bare right now but as more cards arrive the strings will get filled with handmade love.


SUPPLY LIST: 343459 Sweater Weather Collection – Ephemera with Foil Accents, 343442 Sweater Weather Collection – 12 x 12 Double Sided Paper – Snuggles Cocoa, 340272 Dimensional Foam – Sticky Thumb – Dots, 341894 Hustle and Heart Collection – Museum Pins, 342650 Creative Devotion Collection – Tassel Paper Clips, 342628 Creative Devotion Collection – Binder Clips, 320674 Creekside Collection – Binder Clips, Letter Board Winter/Fall Icon Pack, Letter Board Winter/Fall Word Pack, Letter Board White Letter Pack – 2", Oak & Gray Framed Letter Board – 16" x 16"