Create Beautiful Watercolor Cards with Lucile

Hello friends! Today, I am here with a card tutorial! For this project, I used my watercolor markers and art crayons from Vicki Boutin. I love using them in my mixed media projects. I really wanted to create a watercolor background. Before I started, I tested my colors on a paper to see which ones best matched what I wanted to do. Then, I cut two cards from the watercolor paper from the Paper Fashion collection. This paper is great because you can use large quantities of water and it isn't very grainy. 


To make the first card, I chose shades of pink. To make the background in watercolor, I created several spots in different shades of pink. I used an acrylic block on which I put my paint. Then, I added water with a spray and stamped the acrylic block on my card. For art crayons, I used the same technique by coloring on the block. Between each color, I used my embossing gun to dry the watercolor.


To decorate my card, I used die cuts and flower stamps from Vicki Boutin's Field Notes collection. I love these stamps with the dies associated, it helps to easily create embellishments. I also stamped foliage on tracing paper with white ink. Then I colored my flowers with markers. I stuck the flowers on my card in a diagonal pattern and then added the leaves. I ended up sticking a title in the center of my card. 


For the second card, I wanted to make a background in shades of blue. I used the same technique as for the first card. I used the flowers and foliage that I had left but these ones I colored blue!


In the center of the flowers I added silver glitter. I used glitter glue from the Moxy creation. I stuck my embellishments following the angle of the card. I also added a title. I finished by cutting and gluing labels.


I hope you enjoyed both of these cards and inspired you to use watercolors on your next creations. See you soon!



  • Paper Fashion Collection – Watercolor Paper Pad – 12 x 16 (ac-349330)
  • Moxy Glitter – Glitter Glue – Jewel Thief – 12 Pack (ac-346700)
  • Field Notes Collection – Dies and Clear Acrylic Stamps – Shine (ac-346544)
  • All The Good Things Collection – Mediums – Art Crayons – Set 2 – Cool (ac-343909)
  • Mixed Media Collection – Art Crayons – Set 1 (ac-376797)
  • All The Good Things Collection – Mister Bottles (ac-343907)
  • Color Kaleidoscope Collection – Watercolor Markers (ac-348216)