Craft Room Tour with Elsie

Hey AC fans, it’s Elsie here and I’m so happy to give you a peek into my craft space! I really love the space I work in, but it’s by no means my ‘dream’ craft room. My dream craft room has tons of purpose-built storage, a giant island desk to work on and large windows that look out over a beach…! Ha! I told you that it was in my dreams, but maybe one day!

In the meantime I work with what I can, so let me share some organisational tips and my favourite things about my space with you.


I think it’s important that you decorate your crafty space, no matter how big or small it is, to keep it inspiring. My gallery walls are my absolute favourite thing about my room. If I’m stuck for ideas when I’m crafting, I can just look up and be inspired by the patterns, colours and even some of my previous layouts.

To display my layouts I pop them in page protectors and use some bulldog clips to hang them on some small nails. This means that my layouts are really easy to switch with new layouts I’ve created, so this wall is always changing.


Talking of switching things up in my craft space, I’m obsessed with my DCWV Letterboard! It currently has one of my favourite quotes from Friends on it, but I’m always changing what it says. I love how versatile it is.

I’m sure you have some favourite die-cut pieces/papers that you’ve been hoarding, so why not bring them out of storage and display them in your space? Using washi tape and thumb tack is another easy and inexpensive way to change up your craft room decor. I’ve currently got a couple of die-cuts and cut-apart papers from the Stay Colorful line displayed above my pen pots.

I like to try and keep my desk as uncluttered as possible, although that’s easier said than done! But one of my favourite recent additions to my room is the WRMK Bloom Storage. It’s perfect for keeping all of those small embellishments in one place, and it’s so fun to open and reveal all the petals of scrappy goodness!


Another must-have on my desk is my embroidery thread storage. I reach for this with nearly every layout I make, so it’s best to always have it in arms reach on my desk. And don’t you just love how pretty and colourful it looks? All the heart eyes!

I swear I’m way too attached to my washi tape, and can’t bear to part ways with any of it – oops! My favourite way of displaying them is on an embroidery hoop which is hung on the door. I find that I reach for my washi much more, now that it is displayed on this ‘washi wreath’!


I store my embellishments and papers in, a favourite amongst us crafters: the IKEA Kallax unit. I use a Kvissle letter tray to store my 12×12 papers, but for thickers and stickers I use some cheap and cheerful cardboard magazine files. Being cardboard they aren’t the prettiest things to look at, so I decorate mine with some favourite patterned papers! It’s a great way to add a bit of colour and personalise my storage.

Craft_room_tour_ac_elsie_4 Craft_room_tour_ac_elsie_11
And finally, on top of the unit I store some trinkets and mixed media goodies. I couldn’t resist displaying the Vicki Boutin acrylic paints, because both the colours and packaging are so darn delightful!

Thanks so much for snooping in my craft space with me today. Have a great weekend everyone!