Color Pour Week: Unicorn-inspired Canvas

Hello AC fans! It’s Zinia here and today I’m back with a really fun and easy canvas using the gorgeous Color Pour line by American Crafts.

Color Pour makes it super easy to create gorgeous acrylic pouring effects. The paints are already pre-mixed and ready to go but it’s always fun to play around and tweak things and that’s exactly what I did.


I started by pouring my colors into the little pouring cups. I also filled one of the cups with Vicki Boutin gesso instead of using white pre-mixed paint. I added a few drops of water in half of my colors and stirred them well. I also added some water and thinned down the gesso cup.


The reason I mix in water is to achieve different consistency and level of fluidity. I think when the different color mixes are slightly different they create very interesting effects on the canvas.

Then I took a measuring cup and I started pouring the colors from the individual mixing cups into one place. I poured one color at a time being careful not to over mix things.


I chose to do the simple pouring technique of placing the canvas on top of the cup and then flipping them both at the same time to let the paint drop as I pulled the cup away. I tilted my canvas around guiding the colors to the corners and helping them create fun and interesting shapes.


While the paint was still wet, I took a bottle of silver Color Pour paint and I added a few thick drops on my canvas. Those drops didn’t spread as much as the rest of the paint so they created some very unusual shapes.

Also while the paint was still wet I picked some glitter and flakes and dropped them around the corners of the canvas.


I let it dry overnight (actually two nights) and then I varnished it for protection. I think the glitter touches really give this canvas a magical look and it will be a perfect piece to decorate a little girl’s room.

I really hope you enjoyed this project and you are inspired to get your hands dirty and pour some color on your canvas. Until next time happy crafting.


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