Bible Journaling with Jana

Hi Friends! Jana Eubank here. Every morning I start my day by reading my scriptures and journaling what is on my heart and mind. I have found the Creative Devotion collection a PERFECT tool in helping me to make these moments of my day even that much more meaningful … especially as a creative person that likes to be "hands on" with all of my projects.
The variety of pens and stickers available have made it so much fun to underline my favorite passages and write the impressions I have as I read. I especially love the gold Embossed Scripture Words stickers.
I really love the stamps, too! Especially the journaling lines stamps. They are the perfect size to fit in the blank outer column of my bible.
I use the ruler to keep my underlining straight. My favorite pen for underlining is the erasable pens. The colors are eye-catching, but if I make a mistake, I can easily correct it.
I have been using the beautiful Prayer Journal to write more of my spiritual thoughts as I study my favorite talks. I used the Ball Point Journaling Pens for the main body of my journaling, but then added headlines with the colorful Fineliner Water Soluble Pens.
In the front of the journal I wrote a one of my favorite quotes to help keep me focused on my goals. I decorated this page by using the Stencils; doodling the shapes with the black Fineliner Water Soluble Pen and then adding a bit of color with the Gel Crayons. I added some stamping with the splatter and butterfly stamps from the Praise Acrylic Stamps set.
I love beginning my day with the scriptures and also incorporating my need to be creative during my study time with the Creative Devotion products!
SUPPLIES: Creative Devotion Wire O-Bound Prayer Journal (343396), Multi-Color Pencil (342594), Gel Crayons (342611), Fineliner Water Soluble Pens (342610), Erasable Pens (342595), Ball Point Journaling Pens (342592), Rotary Phrase Stamp (343052), Washi Tape #2 (342625), Acrylic Stamps – Pray (343053), Acrylic Stamps – Praise (343054), Acrylic Stamps – Trust (343055), Scripture Stickers (342588), Embossed Scripture Words Stickers (342591), Metal Paper Clips with Faux Suede Tassels (342650), Stencils (342998), Engraved Metal Ruler (343050)