Acrylic Pumpkin Pour

Happy Fall American Crafts Fans! 

A Pumpkin Pour 161019-1

Terhi Koskinen here, sharing my favorite fall colors with you. I’m totally and completely obsessed with Color Pour products. I decided to try Color Pour pre-mixed pouring paints to something other than blank canvases. Let me show you what I did, it was so much fun!

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You can most likely find decorative pumpkins at your nearest shops. Real pumpkins are just as good as fake ones for pouring. Here in Europe, even tiniest shops are filled with small pumpkins. If you can’t find pumpkins to pour on, you can always cut one out from cardboard or even pour on dry leaves. Your imagination is the only limit with Color Pour!

A Pumpkin Pour 161019-3

Copper, gold, caramel and red wine are all beautiful colors, especially in these metallic shades. I carefully poured each of these colors into a cup, making sure to not mix it too much. If you mix it too hard, the liquid soon becomes brownish and the lines between the colors blurs away. 

A Pumpkin Pour 161019-4

In my paint pouring experience, using two or three colors in each pour is the best. This way, the lines stay clear and sharp. Watching how each color spreads is mesmerizing. 

A Pumpkin Pour 161019-5

Color Pour paints are made to make pour art easy and without a trial and error frustration. Just sit and enjoy the process, then let your creations air dry overnight or more to reach the best results.

I love adding some extras to my pour art pieces, this time was no exception and I chose the Color Pour Flakes. I added the flakes at the very end for an extra sparkly flair. 

A Pumpkin Pour 161019-1

I Hope that you find my tips helpful and that you're now full of Color Pour inspiration.

Oh, and Happy Halloween in advance!


Products used: Color Pour Pre-Mixed Pouring Kit Desert Rose (353836), Meteor Shower (353826), Color Pour Foil Flakes Cool (353813), Color Pour Small Mixing Cups (349617), Color Pour Stir Sticks (349616), Color Pour Non-Latex Gloves (349615), Color Pour Tool Kit (343342).