A Fun Gifting Surprise!

Hello American Crafts fans, Terhi Koskinen here! I'm excited to be stepping out of my crafting box — just like some special surprises are being revealed in this "exploding box" I made! I created this project to specially to capture some important memories of mine.


The ‘New Day’ collection from Dear Lizzy makes scrapbooking fun, cute and easy, so let me show you what I have done.


Mini Albums are definitely one of my favorite things to create and such fun way to get back to the memories captured in them. This is my very first exploding box mini album, and I have to admit I really enjoyed making it and love the format.


Into one exploding box you can either add dozens of photographs, or just couple ones like I did. My photographs are so precious to me, that I didn’t want to print them small to fit to the “pages” of the box, instead I printed them in normal size and folded. Now they are neatly in the box and paper clips are keeping them in place.


My photographs are telling stories from my journey to New Zealand, so I really love the way the ‘New Day’ collection from Dear Lizzy has certain jungle theme going on and it fits perfectly to my “Wonder Seeker” mini album – even though there weren’t jungles in New Zealand but amazing forests and such rich and unique nature.


The form of exploding box is quite versatile, you could create a card-like project of this or anything your imagination can ever invent!


If you’re looking for a small gift to giveaway, this could fun way to give it! Just make the box, decorate it to fit the theme and place your present in the middle. Who wouldn’t love that!


Hope you like to have some cheerful inspiration to your day, even though the world is now full of Christmas spirit. Have a great day!


Terhi xx


Products used: New Day collection: Within Me (349516), Shine Bright (349514), Peace (349512), Wonder (349509), Kind Heart (349503), Dreamer (349493), Layered Stickers (349519), Ephemera (349523), Printed Chipboard Thickers (349520), Chipboard Stickers (349521), Beaded Tassels (349525), Layered Clips (349528), White Cardstock (71259), Sticky Thumb 3 Dimensional Foam Black Dots (340054)