3 Easy Ways to Use Moxy Tube Confetti

Happy Monday everyone, it’s Terhi here! If there’s ever any excuse to create a mini book, I’m probably already creating one. So when I received the new Moxy Tube Confetti jars and Specialty papers, I knew exactly what to do!

There are just about a billion different ways to add a bit of glitter to any paper craft creations, but today I’m focusing on three easy ways to add these new Moxy’s to your next project. And don’t worry, #you don’t need to be creating a mini book to try out these techniques, these will work just as fine in any projects.

Three ways to use Moxy 050819-6

Let me start by telling you the two reasons why the Tinsel and Tube Specialty papers are such genius innovation (I’d go as far as to say probably the best innovation in the paper craft industry since ink and scissors!).

Here comes: The papers are ready to be used and you can happily jump over the boring step you normally wait glue to dry. Second reason is that there will be so much less mess with the sheets, than with loose glitter or confetti.

I created the circle shaped frame for the cover with a white Tinsel Specialty Paper. The papers are quite thick so instead of using any cutting devices, I draw the shape of the frame to the backside of the sheet and then simply cut it out with a pair of scissors.

Three ways to use Moxy 050819-1

If you take a very close look inside the frame, you can spy there is a photograph on the background and in addition the frame forms a shaker pocket – which is filled with the new Moxy Tube Confetti!

Interactive elements are always so attractive on birthday cards, so why not to create one onto the cover of a mini book. This specific mini book captures birthday memories from my daughters’ latest birthday celebrations, but I think you can always add a bit of glitter no matter what theme you’re working with.


The third way this mini book features Moxy products is actually keeping the book together. I did use some adhesives as well, but the thick cotton thread is keeping the cover and the pages together.

Three ways to use Moxy 050819-4

Just as the name says, Moxy Tube Confetti is tube shaped and you can easily add them around thread. To speed up the process I used a help of a needle.

You can also see some confetti around the string of the tassels I made. I’m sure this is my favorite way to use confetti, and as the Moxy Tube Confetti jars include six colors I will get to play with other colors too!

Three ways to use Moxy 050819-5 Three ways to use Moxy 050819-2

Hope you have found new inspiration from here today! Have a glittery day!


Products used: Moxy Tube Confetti Metallic (355434), Specialty Cardstock Tinsel Crystal (354359), She’s Magic Patterned Papers Dreaming (354799), Just Smile (354803), A Simple Hello (354805), Kind Heart (354806), Perfectly Imperfect (354809), Best Friends (354812), One More Chapter (354814), Feeling Fine (354815), You Totally Can (354793), Magic (354794), Round Trip (354795), Sincerely Yours (354798), Grow (354800), Real Life (354807), and Sparkle (354808), Sticky Thumb Dots (340272), Sticky Thumb Runner (342039).